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    Anyone out there a fan of the traditional 50’s wiring? Or upgrades tone wise?

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    I’ve heard it sounds amazing 50’s wiring but I’ve been to scared to open up the back of my beautiful gibson… I was even nervous putting locking strap buttons on her!! Although I’m considering getting a tone pro.. It’s just a matter of when ;) what do you use?

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    I use a nickel bridge from Germany but I would recommend you change your standard 300K volume and tone pots to the 550K ones it will change your sound and control a lot.

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    Hmmmm, where’d you get yours?

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    Got pretty much everything from Bare knuckle pickups or Thomann online. BKP also do 10 packs of 10 gauge all nickel Rotosound strings for 30 pounds which is good value.

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