Guitar Hero May Be Making a Come Back

Better start dusting of your controllers and setting up your consoles because the hugely popular game Guitar Hero is expected to make a return. When the game was released in 2005, they couldn’t keep the game on the shelves. Guitar Hero eventually went on to sell 25 million copies and started a huge movement in gaming.   The game works by displaying different colors on the screen as then the…


“Jane”- The Future of Guitars

If you close your eyes and imagine that guitars were advancing at the same rate as the technology around us you would probably think of something close to this. “Jane” is a stunning instrument that may start the begging of a movement in our guitar world. Pirmin Giger and Silvan Küng, the two founders of Relish Guitars, produced this beautifully handcrafted guitar. To start of this futuristic instrument, we’ll discuss…


Let Barney Stinson’s Rock Mix Get You Pumped

Although the popular TV hit How I Met Your Mother has ended, the famous show still lives on in many of its fans hearts. The character who brought the show to life, Barney Stinson (played by Neil Patrick Harris) invented a mix that would guarantee to get you pumped. Many of us missed what the list entailed but today we’ll indulge you with this awesome list of songs that you…


A Crazy Skate Guitar Project That Repurposes Skateboards Into Guitars

This video comes to us courtesy of the Los Angeles Times. Three brilliant men came together to dream up something beautiful, and their final product… the skate guitar. Skate Guitars are a guitars that are made out of a previously owned skateboards. The idea is to be more environmentally friendly. Instead of cutting down the trees just to make a guitar, the tree now gets to have two lives, being…

johnny depp

Hollywood Superstar Johnny Depp forms Supergroup Hollywood Vampires

The Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp has made a huge impact in the film industry starring in several award winning movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Edward Scissor hands. The stars is now going back to his music roots and forming a new band with rocker Alice Cooper and Aerosmith’s Joe Perry. Their band “Hollywood Vampires” made the announcement of their debut on Instagram, February 14th 2015. “That whole…

guitar cafe

A Local Toronto Cafe is a Sweet Spot for Musicians

Bruce Domoney, a vegetarian musician and entrepreneur has decided to turn a local Toronto coffee shop into the cities first hybrid café, Coffee Guitar. You can decide to go grab a nice cappuccino and have your guitar being repaired all at the same time. It sounds like the dream location for the avid musician… and it is. “I wanted a more relaxed environment, where people could hang out in a…


The Million Dollar Diamond Covered Stratocaster

Now what could the timeless guitar company Fender produce to further impress us with their custom shop abilities? How about creating a million dollar Stratocaster? You heard right, the guitar is expected to fetch a million dollars in the upcoming auction. What makes this guitar special? Fender decided to model guitar after the famous “Pine Cone” Easter egg. The blinged out egg is covered in diamonds and sparkling accents. So…