Copperpeace Oldstyle Strap Review

Almost every guitarist is conflicted with the problem, looking good vs. feeling comfortable. You have your punk rocker that swings their guitars by their knees to look cool, but then playing becomes uncomfortable. You have the death core artists that wear masks to look cool, but the heat and sweat is extremely uncomfortable.

One of the biggest areas where people sacrifice looking good for comfort is the strap. People tend to pick thick wide straps to help distribute the weight evenly. The only down side with this is that it draws a lot of attention the strap. I personally have loved skinny straps for my entire lifetime, but never was able to wear them due to this comfort problem.

Well, Copperpeace solves this dilemma with the “Oldstyle Skinny Guitar Strap.” The strap at first glance looks like a skinny strap, but at closer inspection, there is a padded piece that gently rests on the contact point on your shoulder, and offers you that comfort that you’ve been missing.

The strap is made of quality materials, and you get that impression just by looking at it. With tons of holes for adjustability, it’s guaranteed to fit you no matter your size. I truly have no complaints about this strap.

The price point is also very reasonable. Its easily affordable at $45 and offers custom appointments and materials that you wouldn’t find on any other another strap this price.

If you’re looking for a skinny strap that doesn’t kill you to wear, I wouldn’t recommend anything else other than Copperpeace.


Jordan Wiener

Posted by Jordan Wiener

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