Paradox Effects Fuzz-E Cat Review

Right off the bat, I cannot say anything about this pedal in normal… Its design, its sound, and its noises are all completely from a different planet. To save your time, if you’re looking for a boring mundane guitar pedal, you might as well not waste your time reading this. If you’re looking for a no restraints rock and roll machine, then welcome!

Starting off, aesthetically, there’s nothing you can miss about this pedal. Its sharp graphics present what seems to be a cat pulling its eyes out. The unique two-knob layout is positioned so that the knobs look like the eyes. With crazy bold colors and lines, there’s nothing not to love about how this pedal looks.

Sound wise, I can’t say its going to be everyone’s cup of tea. It’s one of those pedals that you’re either goanna love or hate, there’s no camp in the middle here. It’s an all out fuzz machine that screams out random noises and growls, and is sure to please any guitarist that is looking for a unique sound. How the pedal rocks is completely up to you, with a flip switch, volume knob, and fuzz knob, what you get out of it is completely customizable to your liking. The fuzz knob controls your distortion and tone, going from a throaty growl to a thin scream.

The Fuzz-E Cat also happens to be a very usable pedal as well. Due to the extremely large control knobs (in fact the biggest I’ve ever seen on a pedal) you can change your sound with your foot. This eliminates the need to bend down awkwardly while holding your guitar and allows for much more tonal expression.

But words cannot truly capture the gist of the pedal, so I recommend giving it a listen and judging for yourself what side of the camp you’re on. Personally I love it, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too.

Jordan Wiener

Posted by Jordan Wiener

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