Dawes Audio Envelope Filter Review

Today we have something completely out of the norm. I’m not just reviewing a pedal, but the amazing service that Dawes Audio offers.

Whether you happen to be a star wars fanatic, you love cats, or zombies, Dawes Audio is there to combine your obsession with guitar. If you’re looking for a quick chorus pedal, this isn’t the right product for you.

The process starts by emailing Chase, the man behind the operation. You tell him the base of your project; basically what you want the effects pedal to do. You name it and he can build it. Along with that, you tell him any mods you want, and they’ll be done.

The second step is choosing the aesthetics of the pedal. He can draw the image onto the pedal or print it onto a durable sticker that he puts on top. The image can be anything, and you work with him closely to get the desired finished image. He has all of the tools of the trade to get it exactly how you want it to look. Then you’re all done, and he goes to work.

I happened to want an envelope filter with a zombie graphic of my face on it. So I sent him a picture of me, told him what I wanted and got my pedal. Couldn’t be any happier!



Sound wise, its great, a perfect filter with the right amount of funk. The sound is adjustable with the three knobs and one switch he added. The pedal indicates that it’s on by using two red LED’s right where my eyes are.

Durability wise, I’ve had the pedal for a couple of weeks and it looks the same as when I got it, except for a small scratch on the back. I have no doubt that the pedal will stand up to the test of time.

Dawes Audio is ready to tackle any project, whether it be a complete new build, to a re-casing that he’ll do for you. You name it and you’ve got it built.

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