SolidGoldFX’s Zeta Overdrive Review

Zeta Review
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SolidGoldFX isn’t just your average pedal shop. I’ve learned to think of it like Santa’s Workshop; up in the Canadian artic cold churning out truly magical items. The Zeta is no exception to their standard, a medium-gain overdrive with JFET-based preamp that's able to make any clean amp nice and dirty.

Firstly, you just can’t miss it. The Zeta’s got a sleek bright orange paintjob along with gain, volume, and tone controls. It’s powered with your standard 9v, and sports a flashy orange LED.

But how does it sound you ask your self? It screams awesomeness.
With all of your knobs at noon, the Zeta delivers a slightly overdriven sound. Something perfect for that little boost that your angelic Fender Deluxe Reverb wasn't able to muster up. As you continue to crank the three knobs, it takes you into a whole new world. It’s got a lot of room, that's for sure, but don't be fooled, you’ll never sound like Pantera with this pedal. The Zeta is born to pump out classic rock riffs, and it does it fantastically.

Running my Les Paul through a Vox Nightrain, I was getting a really nice thick tone. The treble wasn't all over the place, and the bass was just perfect. Its one of those pedals I see leaving on for the entire set list, it just adds that little extra sound to your already screaming setup.

The thing that makes the Zeta unique is that as you crank the knobs, you still manage to get a very articulate clear tone that just really works with the dirt. It’s offered this unique combination that I haven’t seen on any other pedal before. If you’re looking to sound like Clapton, this things going to get you a little closer to your goal.

In conclusion the Zeta caters to the audience in the middle of the spectrum. Its not a clean boost or a heavy metal monster, it's a sweet low-to-mid gain that just sounds beautiful.

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