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Cleartone Coated Strings Review
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Guitar strings always prove to be a difficult thing to review, they’re hard to compare and all quite similar. I had found d’Addario strings, was satisfied with them, and started to use them exclusively. I happened to be watching a show online and heard someone talking about Cleartone strings. So, I checked out the website, and a couple of days later, they’re here at my door. I string up my Les Paul and give it a good strum. Wow.

Cleartone strings are almost like a hybrid string that answers the life long dilemma of guitarists. Either you choose uncoated strings and get the superior tone, or you choose coated strings and get the durability but sacrificed tone. With Cleartone, you get the best of both worlds with their patented technology.

What sets them apart from the competition is the material they use to coat their strings. With some research I found that they use this coating used to cover soda machine PC boards, and they’re the only company doing this so far. They have adapted this coating to both their acoustic and electric guitar strings.

I’ve had the strings on for several weeks and they seem to be holding up just fine. They definitely have lasted much longer than the previous strings I was using. In terms of tone, I was surprised how much better they sound. You get a very full sound with them, much better than the Elixirs, which I find to be “tinny”. I must add that they don't feel exactly like coated strings. They aren’t as smooth and slippery, feel wise, they are much more comparable to uncoated strings.

I’ve been converted; I get the tone I want with the long life that they offer.

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