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As the mini pedals continue to grow in popularity, the Garlands Effects Woody Drive continued to grow on me. I picked it up and had to see what pedal was all about.

Right of the bat, this pedal is unlike any pedal you've ever seen before. Aesthetically, its completely unique, a tweed covering, with marshall knobs, cant really go wrong with a pairing like that! I was concerned about the tweeds durability, but when I received it in my hands, it appeared to be very strong.

Now tonally, the most important aspect… the pedal is amazing. I do have to say, its sound isn’t for everyone. If your looking for a heavy overdrive pedal to play licks down in C# tuning, its not going to do it for you. It delivers a sound perfect for the blues musician. It’s got the oomph, but not overly in your face. Its found a beautiful spot right in the middle of everything, something quite organic sounding. It’s got subtle sound that drives your amp to the spot right before becoming full on distortion. Another great thing about the pedal is the blue LED light, its hidden under the tweed, so you only see it when its on.

Now I have faced a dilemma with the Woody Overdrive, the pedal is perfect for when I play lighter sounds, so I want it on my board, but I cant attach Velcro to the back because its hand signed and numbered!

It's a very affordable price for a pedal that's completely hand made, individually tested, and a sports a lifetime warranty. This one scores the Jordan’s stamp of approval.

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