‘American Sniper’ Guitar Being Auctioned For Charity

Nashville-based guitar company Gibson is trying to raise some funds for veterans that are currently suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. How do they go about doing it? They created a one-of-a-kind Les Paul inspired by former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle and are auctioning it off.

american sniper les paul

The auction opens at a starting price of $3,000 and will close May 5th. All proceeds after the auction has closed are going to the Guardian for Heroes Foundation, which provides services to in-need veterans with disabilities.

They decked out the Les Paul with the skull logo that Kyle’s SEAL team three used during their tours in Iraq. They hand crafted the knobs out of sniper bullet shells.

american sniper knobs

The whole project came to life when country artist Tim Montana had suggested it to Gibson. Montana’s friend who happened to be a Marine veteran battled with PTSD. Montana will also be playing with his band the Shrednecks at the auction on May 3rd. “The goal is obviously to raise awareness to PTSD and help raise money for such a worthy cause in honour of an American hero,” Montana said.

“We really do try to give back. We have a foundation set up to give back to a lot of charities. It’s something really ingrained in our company’s culture,” Alex Juskiewicz, Gibson’s global director for entertainment relations had said.

“Gibson has always been made in America and always will be made in America, and Chris Kyle did a great thing for this country and we’d like to support that.”

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