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Ordering the Original Fuzz Peruvian strap doesn’t only deliver a great product, but an amazing experience. Opening up the box I was delighted to find a strap and a bunch of goodies. The goodies are what really had made the experience… a hand written note, a feature card showcasing their other products, and a nice strap waiting for me.

So getting into the actual product; I had given it a solid couple of weeks to ensure that it was ready to stand the test of time. The strap happens to be featured in many different models; each model represents the country that it was made in. So mine being the Peruvian model means that it was hand woven in Peru. At the each end of the strap it showcases a leather end that provides real support and a long lasting life.

After two weeks, the strap hadn’t shown any signs of wearing out, and the leather had started to form to the strap buttons.

Not to mention the multiple compliments I received wearing it. It’s something you don't see everyday, and really catches the eye. It feels good wearing something that is both unique and practical.

The last concern when reviewing a strap is how it feels. The strap is a thick enough so that it distributes the weight very nicely, and underneath the strap there is an extra layer of material to provide extra cushion to the weight. I was able to play my Les Paul (around 9lbs) without any discomfort. It's a huge upgrade from the cheap nylon straps and has proved to be a solid investment.

Now no product is flawless, the $85 price tag is the only issue with the product. It’s quite a hefty price for a strap, but if you’re willing to shell out the money and invest in something that will last, this is the right product for you.

Overall considering the fact that its delicately hand crafted, they offer amazing customer service, and it's a strap to stand the test of time, I would recommend checking these guys out!

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