Gibson Releases The Self Playing Guitar, A-Play – April Fools

The Gibson Guitar Company has released the newest addition to their 2015 lineup. It was last night when they had revealed the product, and it’s gone viral since. You’re probably wondering what it is, and if you couldn’t tell from the title, it’s a self-playing guitar.

The small device will be shipping with all of the guitars from now on, and don’t worry, if you have an older model, there’s still a way of attaching the device. It’s called the Gibson A-Play.

Ever just get tired of having to practice? The A-Play solves that issue. Do you frustrated when you cant sound like your favorite rock star? The A-Play is there to save the day.

Essentially it’s an attachment at the end of the bridge that’s small and discreet, so your not hiding the beautiful top of your expensive guitar. The product is being manufactured by Sloof Lirpa, a German engineering company.The A-Play uses electro-magnetic waves, with them its able to change the pitch and play the strings.

“It’s kind of just one of those ideas that you can’t believe you never thought of before. It takes the learning curve out of playing guitar, and it takes the pain out of having to play.” says Gibson president Henry Juszkiewicz. “We’re really proud to be adding this feature to all of our guitars, we really believe it will catch on. You’ll go to a concert and see your favorite artist playing flawlessly, its because our product is flawless.”

With much debate of whether the Mr.Juszkiewicz has been making the right choices for Gibson, this new product will be sure to please the audience that has be frustrated.

The Gibson A-Play is going to retail for USD$899 and will be in stores by early May.



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