Gene Simmons Launching Horror Movie Studio With WWE

Gene Simmons, vocalist and bassist of Kiss, has been all around Hollywood throughout his career. He has tried about everything from artist management to acting, but this next project is new territory for him. He’s decided to start making horror movies.

Simmons has teamed up with WWE Studios to create a new production company, Erebus Pictures. Erebus is promising to make “elevated horror movies.”

Their first known project “Temple” is about a group of military operatives who have to deal with “strange and horrific phenomena” while trying to discover why another group was killed.

Simmons told the Rolling Stone “The horror genre continues to fascinate me as it proves to be endlessly thrilling and engaging for audiences.”

So does Gene’s ability to throw on some killer make up mean he has what it takes to make a scary movie? We hope its not just another studio that’s going to add to the endless collection of cheesy jump scare movies. Although we are happy for Simmons, its great that he’s able to follow his dreams, or nightmares for that matter!

Jordan Wiener

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