Gibson Unveils $2 Million Guitar ‘Eden of Coronet’

The Gibson Guitar Company is proud to announce the collaboration with world-renowned jewelry designer Aaron Shum, founder of Coronet and designer Mark Lui in the production of a new luxury guitar. Its certainly not everyday where you here about a joint venture like this one. The guitar they have decided to create was named ‘Eden of Coronet’, a diamond Gibson SG. The guitar has an estimated value of USD$2 million. The ‘Eden of Coronet’ has a good shot of breaking a Guinness World record for the most valuable guitar.

Hennery Juszkiewicz stated, “The masterpiece is a joint effort of three distinct brands. The creativity comes from the process of blending ideas and cultures from different industries, which further solidifies Gibson beyond just a guitar brand. All along we’ve been striving to expand our business to different sectors of the consumer market and ‘Eden of Coronet’ is definitely an important milestone for what we target to achieve.”

Gibson broke away from the rock scene on this project, the other partners helped incorporate natural and feministic designs into the guitar.

The ‘Eden of Coronet’ is a reflection of Mark’s artistic talent with many cues taken from nature itself. The masterpiece is covered in over 400 diamonds and approximately 1.6kg of 18k gold. From the start of the project to the end, roughly 68 people were involved of creating the masterpiece, totaling up to 700 days worth of work to complete the project.

Lui went on to say, “There are a lot of guitars in the market accessorized with crystals, but with actual gold and diamonds incorporated in the design – this is no doubt, the first piece of its kind. I intentionally chose the SG model as I note that before the collaboration, the SG model was perceived as a very masculine guitar, but when you look at it from a different angle, it actually has a very feminine structure and curves which allowed me to open up my creativity and explore a new arena in the design space of the guitar. I cut out 2 holes on the solid body of the guitar to create and embody the spacious, harmonious environment of the Garden of Eden.” Henry described it as a combination of different backgrounds, culture and thinking processes, which come together to create the charm of this successful masterpiece.”

There seems to be a trend with diamond guitars recently, especially with the release of the fender egg guitar valued at USD$1 million.

I must add in that the beauty is really in the eye of the beholder, and I just cant seem to like this thing. It looks like a disease.

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