The Jamstik, The Future Of Guitars?

Closing the gap between technology and guitars, the Jamstik gives you a bit of both worlds with their futuristic new product.

If you want to learn how to play guitar, or you’re an enthusiast looking for a fun new toy, the Jamstik may be just the thing for you. It offers a “Guitar Hero” style neck that connects wirelessly to your iPod or iPad. It allows you to add vibrato and bend strings just like you would on a real guitar. This is possible due to its “real” strings and frets.

jamstik (1)In addition, the guitar doubles as a MIDI controller, which means that you can use the instrument to emulate other sounds.

To all you tone freaks; this plastic body isn’t going to offer you that warm thick sound that you love hearing, it’s not going to sound like a real guitar, and it most certainly isn’t going to play like a dream. So buyer beware.

It is reported that bending notes is quite difficult and the sensors can have difficulty picking up the notes that you’re hitting. The neck only goes up to Ab but the D-Pad allows you to slide up and octave.

It appears to be a great alternative to a beginner guitar and is very portable. Despite the problems that come along with being an early adopter, the Jamstik appears to be like a fun casual toy that’s going to run you $299 USD.

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