PRS Unveils The New S2 Vela Guitar

PRS has unveiled the latest addition to their ever-growing family of guitars. The S2 Vela seems to be a bold move for the company, they seem to be breaking out of their old traditions and exploring new territory.


To start off, the body has a completely new shape to it. They’ve given it a kind of retro “pawn shop” vibe to it. You have to devil horns with a sharp arch top vibe to it. The Vela sports a black large pick guard, one volume, and one tone knob.

The guitar gives you the appearance of a bare rock n roll machine, but they’re introducing it with a very hefty price tag of $1,699 USD.

Not only do you get a new appearance with the Vela, you’ll also get a new sound. In the bridge position you’ll be rocking out with their PRS Starla pickup, a very bright snappy sound. When you flip it to the neck pickup, you’ll hear their new Type D single coil pickup screaming.

The guitar will be offered in; Antique White, Black McCarty Tobacco, Seafoam Green, Sienna, Vintage Cherry, and Vintage Mahogany.

The release is a very bold move for the company, and they’ve strayed far from their roots with the shape. It will only be a matter of time to tell if it will rock or bust.

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