Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong Is Set To Open A Music Shop

Punk rock band Green Days front man Billie Joe Armstrong has decided to open up a guitar shop.

Broken Guitars is set to open on April 3rd in Oakland, California. Armstrong will be opening the store with Bill Schneider, who plays with Armstrong in their project band Pinhead Gunpowder.

Broken Guitars is starting out with 75 guitars, all mostly from their private collection. The store will also be selling amps and offer repairs “We want to be a shop for musicians…The focus is used American guitars; Gretsch, Fender, and not necessarily just vintage ones.”

The store was set to open up back in 2012, but another company beat them to signing the lease. After that store decided to relocate, Schneider was offered to take over the lease.

If you happen to be in the area and either love Green Day or vintage guitars, make sure to be there for their grand opening.

The shops website isn’t up and running yet, but it should be soon.

Jordan Wiener

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