Cheap Trick’s Rick Neilsen Auctioning Off His Collection

Cheap Tricks Rick Neilsen is ready to slim down his collection. Nelson claims to have over 400 guitars at the moment, 400 beautiful vintage guitars. Its not everyday you have this exclusive collection being opened up to the public. If you have the money, this is a dream come true.

Neilsen decided to use reverb to auction them off, and a month into the process he’s already had some go for four digit prices. “I love guitars and guitars love me, but sometimes they need new homes where they can live to rock another day. I’ve teamed up with my pals here at Reverb to get some gems from my private collection into new hands. From amps and pedals to guitars old and new, if it makes music, I love it and you will too,” Neilsen wrote on the Reverb site.

The first batch of guitars went really quickly but Rick says that there’s no need to worry. Plenty of more rounds will be up soon.

The most Neilsen was able to fetch so far was $5,760 for his 1956 sunburst Gibson Les Paul Junior. However, he already has his 1959 Gibson ES-330T mint collectors grade on the site that’s sitting at $6,800 with two days left in the auction.

Neilsen has let go of some of his popular axes, but were expecting his not letting go of his custom five-necked checkerboard guitar.

To get in on the action or simply just enjoy browsing a glimpse of what he has sold visit:



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