Taurus Pedals – 90lb Hamster

Taurus Pedals - 90lb Hamster Overdrive
  • 90lb Hamster Review - 8.5/10


You just can't miss this pedal. Its bright green and has a name as epic as it looks. The 90lb hamster is a really fun pedal and I haven't been able to turn it off since I got it.

With this review, I really wanted to get a good feel for the pedal so I decided to play around with it for a two solid weeks. After the generous amount of time I gave it I came to the verdict that I just love the pedal.

Ironically, the sturdy green machine plays Green Day flawlessly... Jamming through the clean channel on my amp I was able to get a punk rock sound that was to die for. Crank the distortion a little more and your in heaven. For hours I was sitting there playing great classic rock tunes from Zeppelin, Guns N' Roses, and Boston. In addition, its a really thick sounding pedal so you'll be able to cut through any band practice or gig with no problem.

The hamster allows you to adjust the Volume, Distortion, and Filter along with supplying you with a three way toggle switch. Don't worry, Ive never heard of a overdrive pedal with a toggle switch either... but it turns out that its awesome. It opens up the pedal beautifully, really making this pedal a versatile, riff pumping machine.

Not only does the pedal sport a nice sound but it offers something unique, which you don't see too much anymore. Your getting a pedal that's build like a tank, all by hand, and individually signed. Russ really turned this thing into a audible piece of art.

On the down side, the pedal has a couple flaws. The graphics aren' t printed on, there a sticker. This allows Taurus to make it more affordable but it also means the finish may tear over the years... Its an aesthetic issue and its not compromising the structural integrity of the thing. Secondly the knobs were really stiff out of the box, but this problem went away after I spent a couple minutes on each one breaking it in and loosening it up. Lastly, it doesn't come in a box, so if you're looking to store it while its not on your board, its gonna catch dust.

All in all, I'm very satisfied with the workmanship of the pedal and the creaminess of the sound but a little disappointed by the sticker. I would highly consider the 90lb hamster if you happen to be looking for an overdrive in the near future.

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