PRS Now Offering Public Tours

PRS Guitars also known as Paul Reed Smith Guitars is an American guitar manufacturer that was founded by master luthier Paul Reed Smith. PRS has a reputation for high quality guitars that are made in the US. Recently they’ve moved production over to Asia to make a more affordable line, Student Edition.



PRS has decided to offer tours of their factory. Visitors will get a close up look at how these instruments are made. They’re trying to offer a unique view into the quality they put behind their guitars and amplifiers. “We have a passion for building instruments and also for the music that these instruments help create. Most here are dedicated players, refining our craft as builders and musicians. There is a special kind of pride and individual ownership surrounding our instruments. From our experience, there is no better way to see this unique aspect of PRS than to walk through the shop,” stated PRS President Jack Higginbotham.

The tour is going to take about 90 minutes and end up in the company’s store where the visitors can purchase PRS apparel, parts, and accessories. A large selection of guitars will also be available for the visitors to pick up and play.

The tours will be offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:00AM and 1:0OPM. If you’re into PRS guitars, this is amazing news.Make sure to give the factory a check if you’re in the area.

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