Conquer the Star Wars Universe with this Millennium Falcon Guitar

Have you always been a guitar geek? Yes we mean geek, star wars memorabilia and all… A very smart man has started to capitalize on this very niche market. It’s a genius idea that’s been doing well for Doni Custom Guitars.

“It is essentially a plastic Millennium Falcon toy, just with the added feature of a guitar timber shaped to fit inside it,” Latchford says. “The neck and all the hardware, and there it is — though that makes it sound a lot easier to craft than it actually is.”


The guitar is also produces a killer tone that’s sure to blow the audience away, not to mention the fact that its decked out with blue LED lights. They happen to offer two models, the Han Solo Guitar that’s a six string Stratocaster and a Rebel Bass Guitar. The Han Solo guitar costs $713 while the Rebel is $792. For an extra $357 you can purchase a custom flight case that’s sure to protect your new baby from the evil Dark Side.

The guitar sports Chewbacca and Han Solo on the headstock, so they’ll be able to great you whenever the mother ship goes out of tune.
A perfect addition to your collection, and sure to impress your friends. You can pick this killer guitar up on Etsy… so what are you waiting for? Go conquer the universe pumping out riffs through your Falcon guitar.

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