Copperpeace Oldstyle Strap Review

August 14, 2015

Almost every guitarist is conflicted with the problem, looking good vs. feeling comfortable. You have your punk rocker that swings their guitars by their knees to look cool, but then playing becomes uncomfortable. You have the death core artists that wear masks to look cool, but the heat and sweat is extremely uncomfortable. One of the biggest areas where people sacrifice looking good for comfort is the strap. People tend…


Paradox Effects Fuzz-E Cat Review

July 5, 2015

Right off the bat, I cannot say anything about this pedal in normal… Its design, its sound, and its noises are all completely from a different planet. To save your time, if you’re looking for a boring mundane guitar pedal, you might as well not waste your time reading this. If you’re looking for a no restraints rock and roll machine, then welcome! Starting off, aesthetically, there’s nothing you can…


Boney Shoulder Guitar Strap Review

bs straps
May 1, 2015

Boney Shoulder Straps don’t just make straps, they create an extension of your personality, and put that into a strap. One of the most looked over things when thinking about your rig is your strap. A guitarist will go out and invest thousands of dollars into pedals, amps, and supreme guitars, but always skimp out on the strap. The one piece that keeps your guitar close to your heart. Now…


Dawes Audio Envelope Filter Review

April 25, 2015

Today we have something completely out of the norm. I’m not just reviewing a pedal, but the amazing service that Dawes Audio offers. Whether you happen to be a star wars fanatic, you love cats, or zombies, Dawes Audio is there to combine your obsession with guitar. If you’re looking for a quick chorus pedal, this isn’t the right product for you. The process starts by emailing Chase, the man…